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Click on the Turbine above to see a video of the WT6500 used in Energy Recovery Application

ERX - Energy Recovery Application with the WT6500 Wind Turbine

Energy Recovery application by WindTronics 


Virtually every industry and institutional setting relies on Air Exchange Systems for ventilation control in the work environment.

Ventilation is a combination of processes which results in the supply and removal of air from inside a building. Forced air recovery has a valuable energy content that can be recovered to generate electricity. The WindTronics BTPS™ system is uniquely able to convert this ventilation by product into energy.

The BTPS™ system can increase the energy efficiency in many applications such as commercial buildings, parking complexes, industrial locations, mines, manufacturing and healthcare.

The WindTronics™ Tech Center has continued testing the ERX application using a Baltimore Aircoil Company Series 3000 cooling tower fan. This fan has the following specifications:

Fan make and model:  BAC Series 3000 3299C

Fan diameter:  90 inches

Fan throughput:  78,110 cfm

A manifold and turbine was placed on top of the fan to channel the exhaust air directly through the turbine; see the picture above. WindTronics™ measured the power generated and also measured the back pressure differential using a Pitot tube. The following results were obtained:

Power Generated:  765 W

Back pressure differential:  0.3 mmHg

These results demonstrate that the manifolded turbine, on top of this particular fan with a 100% duty cycle, will generate 6,700 kWh/yr. The back pressure differential measurements also indicate this installation does not negatively contribute to the back pressure of the fan system by adding only 0.3 mmHg back pressure. This is an order of magnitude less than the back pressure generated by normal filtration which adds minimally 3 to 4 mmHg in typical HVAC systems.