Low Interest On Bill Recovery Loans
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An On-Bill Recovery Loan allows you to have your loan payments built into your utility bill. You’ll have no extra bills each month and nothing new to keep track of. Even better: your monthly payments will be calculated not to exceed the expected amount your energy upgrades will save you on energy costs. So your energy savings cover most or all of your payment.

  • The current interest rate is 3.49%. Interest rates are subject to change.
  • When you rent or sell your home, you will have the option to transfer the unpaid balance of loan to the new owners or tenants. If you do choose to transfer the balance, you’ll be required to provide notice to the new owner or tenant.
  • On-Bill Recovery Financing requires a declaration to be signed and filed by NYSERDA. The declaration is not a lien on the property but is recorded to provide notice to others of the obligation under the loan note.
  • Customers of the following utilities are eligible for On-Bill Recovery Financing: Central Hudson Gas & Electric, Con Edison, Long Island Power Authority, NYSEG, National Grid (upstate NY customers only), Orange & Rockland, and Rochester Gas & Electric.