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The Renewably Powered Home

Solar Windependence offers custom home energy systems using only the highest quality components. We are authorized installers of Enphase microinverters, battery, and total home smart systems, Panasonic  N330E HIT AC Series Modules, HIT solar panels, and Solar Foundations ground mount systems

ground mounted solar

Energy Storage Solutions

Solar Windependence is an authorized installer of Enphase IQ Batteries and total home smart systems.  The IQ Battery 5P is incredibly powerful. That means you can start and run more power-hungry appliances like HVACs, pool pumps, and more—even during a grid outage—with fewer batteries.

Enphase IQ Batteries are the first microinverter-based storage system to meet the performance criteria of the UL 9540A—a unit-level test for thermal runaway fire propagation protection in residential indoor wall-mounted systems.

Energy storage batteries

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Solar Windependence has earned a reputation of trust and reliability from thousands 0f homeowners. Now, given the emergence of the electric vehicle and its rising popularity, it’s no surprise that Long Island homeowners are now turning to us for their home-based vehicle charging systems.

And in the spirit of that reputation and our customer’s trust, we’ve partnered with Enphase – the most innovative and quality-driven provider of vehicle charging systems. Given Enphase’s future-forward approach to renewable energy and complete home integration, we believe the Enphase system offers our customers a solution that can grow with the times. From integration with solar power, battery storage systems, and complete home energy control, the Enphase charging unit is just the first step to a truly energy-independent future.

Why Enphase?

  • We can install an Enphase charging system to match ANY vehicle
  • Up to 12x faster charge – Level 2 chargers offer speeds up to 61 miles of range per hour of charging
  • Installation flexibility and reach – 25 ft of charging cable for installation flexibility and superior vehicle reach
  • All-weather reliability – Fully sealed NEMA 4-rated enclosures protect in extreme weather conditions
  • Cable management included – Stow your cable with our integrated cable wrap and free connector holster.

Hardwired configurations are installed like a light switch and permanently mounted to your wall. Plug-in configurations use 240 V outlets, like an oven or dryer outlet, and make it possible to easily move your charging station if needed. NEMA 14-50 and 6-50 plug-in options are available for 32 A and 40 A configurations.

Our world has become mobile. Appliances and devices once confined to homes, offices, restaurants, and other workplaces can now be found parked along our streets. They’re food trucks and refrigerated transport vehicles and they’re offices on construction sites. Yet as mobility becomes more useful, we inadvertently pollute our air with exhaust and our ears with the clatter of gas generators.

But what if everything could run in complete silence with zero emissions? What if we could do everything we do indoors – outdoors – leaving only the sound of busy people and the only output a productive day’s work? What if we could go off the grid in our business?

As we all know, the advantages of “Going Green” are virtuous and popular. Everyone loves the idea of saving the planet and being on the right side of the ecological debate. But what if we told you that “Going Green” can also be a boon to your bottom line? From greater efficiency to shorter, less complicated logistics, to opening new areas of business never considered before? What if we told you that “Going Green” can be a faster and more sure way to make more “Green”?

Food trucks, office trailers, and soon – refrigerated delivery trucks. Any truck that needs power while standing still can now do so – silently, cleanly, and powerfully thanks to our solar powered smart-systems that capture and store dependable, long-lasting power. We store that power in a very revolutionary way. Green Idle partners with Lithionics Battery – The pinnacle of lithium ion technology, made in the USA, and renowned for its unsurpassed safety and reliability.

Mobile solar power is useful for:

Private Enterprise: 

  • Food Trucks
  • Film Industry Craft Service
  • Refrigerated Transport and Residential Home Delivery
  • Construction Site Gas-Generator Replacement Power Sources
  • Construction Site Offices

Government Infrastructure:

  • Emergency power for hospitals and ad-hoc triage centers
  • Mobile command posts
  • Ambulances and EMT vehicles that usually rely on fossil fuel for life-saving systems
  • Neighborhood outreach and public information systems
  • Firehouse and EMT center emergency power
  • Gas station emergency power
  • Recreation department entertainment vehicles

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